Julie Anastasia Barton - PhD Candidate and Project Manager
Current Projects:

Freelance Editing—I'm in the first stages of editing a book manuscript submitted to me for some help.  After I have finished with the "small" edits of grammar, I will move onto story mapping and larger questions within the work.

What I Could Help You With:

     Located in the United States?  I offer an overnight editing service, where you send me your work by midnight and I will return the edited material to you by 7am.  You lose NO TIME at all on your project!

Editing/ Copy-editing/ Proof-reading
     With a keen eye for detail and an ability to see the whole picture, I can both help you to perfect the minutiae of your writing and also make sure your point comes across clearly.

Project Management
     As can be seen from my CV, I flourish in new roles and can assist on projects in a variety of fields-- for instance, I have worked in the Education, Concerts, Marketing, Finance and Managing Director's departments of the Philharmonia Orchestra.  I am organised and creative, a combination which allows me to work efficiently while also finding news ways to achieve results.  If you are looking for help organising an event, running a conference, or need someone on a short-term contract in your company, please use the Contact Me link.

General Administrative Work
     With my strong communication skills I am a valued member of the team, as evidenced by every organisation I have worked for not only asking me to stay past the end date of my contract but having also created positions specifically to enable me to do so. (Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Santa Clara County, Philharmonia Orchestra, and Puffin Publishing)  

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